Tree Surgeons working at height safely using Spider Lifts

Tree surgeons (or arborists) are usually challenged by safety and risk of injury whilst carrying out tree work. This can be due to unstable ground conditions or rough terrain, overhead problems or trying to reach high enough heights safely.

Generally spider lifts grant access to work on trees – using the extendible arms for this task. These machines are such a useful equipment to use to access all those branches right up towards the top of the tallest trees.

Specialised lifting equipment known as a spider lifts or spider booms as they are also known can enable tree surgeons to:

Keep Tree Surgeons safe whilst working at height

  • Spider lifts allow removal of trees that are unsafe to climb, particularly where trees have decayed and wouldn't be safe to climb.

Set-up Spider Lift on rough terrain ground conditions

  • A spider lift machine has "legs" that lock into place to ensure stability. This allows arborists to set up on steep banks, uneven ground or soft terrain to access trees.

Reach heights required for removing trees of various heights

  • Our wide range of spider lifts can reach as high as 33 metres. This enables tree surgeons to reach tall trees that are growing in small, confined spaces and can’t be removed by other means.

Narrow access

  • Spider lifts are compact and can fit through narrow spaces including most gates and between most structures to get the job done.

Prevent damage to ground

  • Some powered access machines can cause deep ruts on soft ground. The spider lift moves using tracks rather than wheels and its light weight means that it is perfect for use on soft or delicate ground conditions.

Choose Wilson Access for your next Spider Lift Hire for tree surgery

Our JLG 15m, 26m and the Hinowa 17m spider boom lifts are particularly ideal for this sort of working at height activity but we have a wide range of spider lifts on offer for hire. Spider lifts are known for their ability to be easily moved on your job sites and have greater access in hard to reach areas. Wilson Access team will assist tree surgeons perform a wide variety of tree work at height that would otherwise be unsafe or cost-prohibitive.

Contact our knowledgeable team for your next hire, or if you’re looking to purchase a new or pre-owned spider lift.