Fixing snagging issues working at heights on new build homes

Fixing snagging issues safely working at height on new build homes with Truck Mounted Cherry Pickers. Every new housing estate that is built is likely to have some buildings with snagging issues that need to be rectified. A ‘snag’ tends to be a small defect or problem that remains in the property after the building work has been completed. It is typically something that is damaged or broken; not fitted properly or looks unfinished. If the snagging issue is external and at height, we offer the perfect solution for your tradesmen to fix these snagging issues safely and quickly.

Truck mounted cherry pickers for housebuilders at short notice

Our wide range of truck mounted cherry pickers are useful for housebuilders, builders, roofers, double glazing installers and other tradesmen that need to work safely at height, often at short notice, to fix snagging issues on house building sites.

Truck mounted cherry picker solution for housebuilders working at height

Truck mounted cherry pickers are found to be more efficient and easier for housebuilders getting around to and from new build housing sites, quickly and ready to use in minutes on various new build houses or flats. All of our truck mounted cherry pickers can be supplied with a highly experienced operator, enabling you and your construction workforce to focus on the job in hand.

We recommend our CTE Zed 21J 21m that weighs less than 3.5 tonnes for driveways or our P300 for reaching from roads to the new build house where the land around the building might be unstable. We also have a Palfinger P320 32m available for roof work and chimney stacks.

Self-drive options available

Self-drive hire options are also available on our truck mounted cherry pickers under 21m with a valid UK driving license and category 1b IPAF licenses if this is preferred.